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DJ Feis-T!

Inspired by a game of Draw Something, DJ Feis-T has all the grooves to make you move! Our budgie, Feisty, loves to mix and match everything he hears. An excellent mimic, he loves imitating Muffin, sparrows, robins, dripping water, the toy budgie and video game sounds and mashing them up. I started on this back in July, but only had the time to finish now.

DJ Feis-T

December 22, 2012 ::: PanPastel, Pencil Crayon and CorelDraw ::: 9x12"
Rob Carlos

Warrior Horses: Epona's Lost Foals

WARNING! Story includes mature scenes, nudity descriptions and scenes of violence and brutality.

A novel I started long ago and finally have actively in progress again about a brutal giant horse sent on a mission of slaughter against a quiet, unsuspecting village and a reckless, chauvenistic unicorn colt who has been a shame and disappointment not only for his own kind, but for the goddess of horses and unicorns, Epona herself. His last chance by her is to somehow, someway bring the brutal giant, who knows nothing of her, back into her pasture ... and to do so, the war horse must come to understand her own making.

Warrior Horses: Epona's Lost Foals [In-Progress Draft] [Adobe PDF] (Chapters 1-2)

Unicorn and Lyon Face-Off in Mist Shrouded Forest

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Hello, haven't been on here in a while.

Here we have Rumplestiltskin (a.k.a. "Rumples") the unicorn and Sequiel, the former magical creature hunter, who has been transformed into a lyon, which is, of course, the unicorns' legendary enemy, facing off in a mist-shrouded forest.

These are characters from "Escapia", one of my many back-burner novel projects, which could possibly become another graphic novel project. It takes place in a medieval-ish land where magical cratures are being integrated into human society.

Rumples and Sequiel are friends who are on a quest to find the legendary land of Escapia, but at this point in the story the unicorn has been talked into luring the human into a trap by some vengeful fellow unicorns, and the "lyon" transformation is to encourage Rumples to finish him off (and also because I'd rather draw a lyon than a person :) )

BTW, about the name "Rumplestiltskin" - in the story, unicorns don't have names so as to be more mysterious, so Sequiel gives his unicorn friend a "mysterious" name.

Thought I'd tell you all that but I don't think it's neccicary to know to enjoy the picture - it could just be some unicorn and some lyon :) .

And about the fact that there's no room for the other unicorns' bodies behind those trees - it's a magical unicorn forest thing ;) .

The preview function isn't working so I hope this post looks okay.

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