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This community is for anyone interested in "Fantasy Wildlife" creative works, from visual art to creative writing. Many communities cater to just sci-fi work, or just anthropomorphic art, but the Fantasy Wildlife community is for anyone interested in animalistic artwork that has a fantasy/sci-fi setting, or depicts fantasy animals.

Right now, since we're just starting out, the only rules we have are the common ones:

1. If your entries are long, please use a LJ cut to spare the people on the friends list.
2. Please, don't post anything of a sexually explicit nature. Nudity is fine. For any artwork that is of questionable taste, either only post a -link- to the artwork, or post the artwork within a LJ cut.
3. Don't harass other users.
4. Comments and Critiques should be expected. Critiques need to be helpful. If you can't explain -why- something looks wrong, then don't try.
5. More rules can/will be added later.

Guidelines: These aren't really rules per se, but I figured I'd write them down for the sake of unity of the community.

1. I don't want anyone to be afraid to post here, and I'd like to keep the community both honest and welcoming. When you give a critique of someone's work, please do so in a helpful manner. Just saying "Well it looks wrong" isn't a very good critique at all. Explaining why something looks wrong, and perhaps how they can fix it is a very helpful critique.

2. Please don't feel as if you have to critique someone's work. If you only have something to add about a small part of the image, please do so! But don't try to make up for the small help with large fluff. Fluff doesn't help anyone. So please just stick to what you know.

3. While this community is for "Fantasy Wildlife" until we start getting hundreds of posts a day, I'm not going to put any real restrictions on what you post here. *Most* images that you post should display some kind of fantasy element with an animal or a "natural" landscape. I know I know, "Wildlife" means "Wild", but if you want to post work of domestic animals or domestic settings, feel free. Also, if you want post images of real animals in real settings, feel free. But I would prefer to keep most of the work fantastic.

4. By Fantasy element we are including: Draconic, Gryphon, Unicorn, Furry, "Were", Transformation, Alien, Mermaid, Elves, Magic Mushrooms, really anything you can think of. There's no cap on this stuff folks. If you're like me, then you do more than just "Furry" art, or more than "just" gryphon art. And Frankly there aren't many places where you can post it all.

5. If you need any help with any subject, please feel free to post it. Even if you're drawing a still life of your friend's car, we're here to help. But please keep in mind that people probably signed up for this community to discuss/post about Animalistic works, so don't be surprised if you don't get many replies to things that could be "off topic". We'll try to help as best we can.

6. If you *want* people to critique your work, please say so. Also if you'd like help in a specific area make mention of it.